Film and Media Studies Coursework

Foundations in Moving Image Production October 2014- December 2014

Dancing Literati Chase Sequence

Double Indemnity with a Twist (Audio Production and Film Editing by Me)

(Final Project/Short Film) Before the Bang


Foundations in African American Literature December 2014

Invisible Visibility (A Play of Sounds and Images)


Climate Change December 2015

Collapse of Western Civilization (Audio Production and Video Editing by Me)


Foundations and Integrations: The Essay Film February 2016-May 2016

RfR (Running from Responsibilities)


Third Time’s The Charm: On Black People, Identities, and Freedom (In Ocean’s 11)

Raise Your Hand (When You Hear the Beep)


Broadcast Journalism

AC News August 2014- May 2016

AC News Broadcast Videos