I love media, particularly audio. Below are audio air-checks of yours truly.

-AM Montgomery

Long-Form Pieces (8min- 1hr.)

Independent Project (James Charlton Knox Prize)

(This a full-length audio documentary. For more on the independent project, follow this link)

Stories from Hampshire College Radio (Originally aired on Hampshire College Radio–the Yurt–during the”Lives in Transition” event)

WAMH (Amherst College) Radio

Killing the Industry Podcast Miniseries

(This is a podcast miniseries investigating the industries millennials are supposedly killing or ruining. For more on the project, follow this link)


Short-Form Pieces (1-5min.)

New England Public Radio

Stories from Hampshire College (Originally Aired on Hampshire Radio–The Yurt–and then New England Public Radio)

Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) Radio

(* Audio is not attached to webcopy but available upon request)