Although my name is Ashley Montgomery, I also answer to a variant of my last name–Monty. I’m the long-time humor studyblr (study blogger) of Monty’s Mayhem. I blogged for Monty’s Mayhem five years. It was fun and enlightening.

The site you’re on now is a bit different.

For one, it’s not as funny. I tackle issues like race relations and education news, which not many people tend to laugh at, so there’s that.

Secondly, I cover many of my interests and professional aspirations. I’m a journalist, a writer, a reader, a movie lover, and an audio enthusiast. It doesn’t seem likely that one blog could encompass so many varied subjects, but it does seamlessly.


Image c.2010 (Photo Credit: A.M. Montgomery)

Don’t believe me? I guess you’ll just have to read my blog and find out!

You can find samples of my work on the “Resume” page and keep up-to-date on my daily comings and goings by following me on Twitter: @A_MMontgomery


Photo Credits of above images and header photo: A.M. Montgomery


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