My name is Ashley Montgomery (I also answer to a variant of my last name–Monty). I’m a multimedia journalist and creative editorial professional.

I first became interested in media when I started the long-time humor studyblr (study blogger) of Monty’s Mayhem. I blogged for Monty’s Mayhem five years. It was fun and enlightening.

The site you’re on now is a bit different.

I cover many of my interests and professional aspirations. I’m a journalist, a writer, a reader, a movie lover, and an audio enthusiast. It doesn’t seem likely that one blog could encompass so many varied subjects, but it does seamlessly.

While attending Amherst College, I edited the Opinion section of the school newspaper, The Amherst Student, as well as wrote for the science magazine, The Amherst Element. I also co-founded the school’s only broadcast news club (AC News) and we filmed monthly episodes for the broadcast and the digital space.

AM Montgomery in AC News Studio

Prop. of AM Montgomery 2015

I won a grant to complete an audio documentary based on my major concentration (how medium can affect a narrative) and hosted a weekly radio show on Amherst College’s WAMH to tackle the deadlines of the independent project. I also received The Samuel Bowles Prize for Journalism.

AM in WAMH Studio

Prop. of AM Montgomery 2016

Because my concentration was in Film and Media Studies, I was immersed in the video editing and production process, and applied some of these skills in my internship at New England Public Radio (NEPR).

At NEPR, I fell for the unique qualities of audio journalism, covering local business and science issues as well as a feature on the new SAT requirements effects on the five-college area. After college, I interned at Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB), covering the metropolitan Atlanta’s state legislation conferences, health concerns, and a feature on the state’s role in the national space race.

Prop. of A.M. Montgomery 2014

After GPB, I headed to Washington, D.C. There, I served as the Executive Fellow for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, learning the ins-and-outs of public media for nearly every department. In my free time, I also produced and co-hosted a podcast miniseries about the industries millennials are accused of killing.

After the eighteen-month fellowship, I was selected as the Gwen Ifill Fellow for the live, national PBS program, Washington Week. There, I assisted in production, website curation and show brainstorming covering the 2018 midterm elections, the migrant caravan, and the government shutdown of late 2018.

At the heart of it all, I’m always fascinated by the art and science of storytelling, in whatever medium that may be. With hard work, self-discipline, and a sense of humor, just about anything can be accomplished.


You can find samples of my work on the “Resume” page and keep up-to-date on my daily comings and goings by following me on Twitter: @A_MMontgomery

Photo Credits of above images and header photo: A.M. Montgomery

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