Large tables, early mornings, and a lot of coffee.

For this week’s post, I was planning to give you a bit of creative writing. My weekend is so packed with essays (8 to be exact; a total of twenty-one pages) that I knew I couldn’t give adequate attention to wecould.weshould today.
I stumbled across one of the blogs I follow (College In the Cornfield) and felt that her post would be more suitable for this week. I’ll be back next week, but for now this particular reblog offers some great wecould.weshould advice.

College In The Cornfield

One thing I’ve learned upon completing my 200 level ed classes is the importance of environment when it comes to learning. Arrangement of desks, temperature, wall decor, etc–it all plays a roll in one’s success (or lack thereof). Another thing I learned is that becoming a teacher means committing to being a lifelong learner: not just from your students and the latest pedagogy articles, but from yourself. In order to teach, one must understand who he/she is as a learner. And that, in itself, is a collection of ever-changing facts; a constant process of discovery and revision.

A big part of my educational philosophy is that I believe, in the right setting, anyone can achieve greatness. While my professors and my peers craft the classroom setting for 2-4hrs of my day, 5 days a week, the rest is largely up to me. And I think I’ve finally figured out what…

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