Beggars Can’t Be Choosers, But Apparently Celebrities Can

The act is not exactly new.

In America, you work hard, network. You model and build up your portfolio with skills and blemish free photos. You get exposure and experience, shaping your craft. Finally, the big-time–red-carpet premieres, starring roles and critically-acclaimed albums, statues made to look like men in miniature form, begging strangers for money. Excuse me?

I am not referring to a child-actor gone wrong, but rather celebrities gone “right”.  The majority of celebrities, somehow between acting in their next blockbuster or producing their next hit, raising a family, attending exclusive events, and spending huge wads of cash, find time to give back through humanitarian efforts of time and money. I find it pleasing to read articles about which famous actor made it onto Forbes’ “Most Geneous Celebrities” List because we should help our fellow man, and as an individual who is currently not in a position to do so, I embrace philanthropy as a great way celebrities represent their fans and nation overseas.

I do not condone however celebrities asking their fans to donate money to a cause.  By all means, produce commercials and other media to keep the world informed of serious danger across the world, what you are doing to help, and what you plan to do, but the minute, the musician’s eyes get big and watery, the soft string instruments strums quietly, and their tone becomes slower and more serious, I begin to lose respect.

We are a celebrity obsessed culture. In a time of great stress over safety, financial stability, and education, entertainment is often an outlet many Americans enjoy to temporarily distant ourselves from our problems. Therefore we give great importance and money to movies, music, and models. In turn, celebrities earn such copious amounts of money from us, to the point that one pair of their earrings equals the cost of the average American family’s car refinance. Must you really ask me for more money?

The way I see it, we have three choices. One. All celebrities take a pay cut, meaning their movies, albums, shows, etc. cost less. The money they receive, they can spend just as they please, and they will still be high class. The money the working class saves will go back to the government in the form of home improvement, self-improvement (local clothing stores and skill building classes), and other ways the government can get tax. The money goes back into the economy, thus decreasing the nation’s debt,helping our needs first,  and allowing the foreign policy to provide more aid in humanitarian efforts. Or…

Two. Celebrities can stop asking their fans, who may wear the same pair of jeans in one week, for money, and donate to charities with the millions of billions of dollars they already have.

Lastly, three. We stop giving so much attention to celebrities. Is it necessary to go to every concert of a certain band? Isn’t it cheaper to see a movie because you’re interested in the plot rather than the starring actor’s chest?

Perhaps once we stop spending on strangers, celebrities will stop begging strangers, and the money we keep and they earn will be spent on charities, on the economy–guilt-free and equally. If only.


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